Java Beach Cafe big blackbird

blackbirds & seagulls

After visiting Tuesday Tattoo for a consultation, on a Thursday, I got a mocha from Java Beach Café and had some blackbirds visit my table. As usual, I headed to Ocean Beach after, for the first time this year, to try out my new phone’s camera capabilities.

I actually wanted to sit inside, but thankfully, the indoor seating was full, and outside seating was empty. This solitary black bird quietly perched on the wooden planter-seating’s edge, and was more reserved than the 5+ smaller birds I counted in the nearby sidewalk trees.

Another bird with a red highlight flew down and chirped in my direction. I believe it led the flock of other birds that soon flew down from the trees, and were possibly looking for treats from either me or the table.

Blackbird with red feather highlight

Tiny Cliff House

Once I got to Ocean Beach, I had to test out slo-mo video on my favorite seabird: